Our Board

Chairperson: Raluca Anucuta

Raluca Anucuta worked previously with MRCI as Policy Support Worker, supporting the design and implementation of MRCI’s policy work in areas such as irregular migration, integration and social inclusion, rights and protection for migrant workers who are at risk of or experiencing workplace exploitation, and trafficking for forced labour. Before joining MRCI, Raluca was involved in various projects and agencies that deal with migration and racism, including the European Network Against Racism, the Immigrant Council of Ireland, and the Irish Refugee Council. She holds a degree in law and a MPhil in Ethnic and Racial Studies from Trinity College Dublin.

Fr Bobby Gilmore, SSC

Fr Bobby Gilmore, SSC was a founding member of Migrant Rights Centre Ireland and is lifelong President of the MRCI. He was ordained in 1963, and worked in the Philippines from 1964-78. From 1978-92, Bobby was Director of the Irish Emigrant Chaplaincy in Britain. He was a founding member of Cara Housing Association. He also chaired the campaign for justice for the Birmingham Six.  He was a founding member of Village of Hope, Montego Bay, Jamaica, where he worked from 1992-99. In 1999 he returned to Ireland. He conducted an education program on migration for the Irish Refugee Council before establishing the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland.  Bobby studied at Birbeck College, Lincoln Institute and Camden College, London, as well as De La Salle College in Manila.

Anastasia Crickley

Anastasia Crickley is Head of the Department of Applied Social Studies in NUI Maynooth. She was the Chairperson of the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism until October 2008. She is a founder member of the European Network against Racism and co-founded Pavee Point (National Travellers' Centre). She convenes the Community Sector Sub-Group of the Community Workers Cooperative.  Anastasia was Personal Representative of the Chair in Office of the OSCE on Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Discrimination, also focusing on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians and Members of Other Religions from 2004-2008. She is also actively involved with Council of Europe and United Nations initiatives in the fields of Human Rights and Discrimination. In 2010 Anastasia was elected a member of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD).

Bernadette Daly

Bernadette Daly is a qualified solicitor who has worked in private practice for many years in both Dublin and London. She now works as in-house legal counsel for a large professional services firm. She specialises in employment law (both contentious and non-contentious) and contractual disputes. Bernadette has also done voluntary legal casework with MRCI's Workplace Rights team. She has a degree in European Studies (Law and German) from the University of Limerick and a Diploma in Employment Law from UCD.

Michael O’Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan works for the Columban Missionaries as coordinator of their development education programme, and on their justice and peace team. He is also a member of the Columban Development Committee (Ireland), which works with Columbans in Asia and Latin America to help build their capacity to achieve good quality development work with the communities in which they live. Michael is a founder member and former Chairperson of the Debt and Development Coalition, and also a founder member of the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland. He was also a member of the National Committee for Development Education from its inception until it was incorporated directly into the work of the Irish Aid programme. Michael is a member of MRCI's Finance Subcommittee.