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Stand up for undocumented children: sign the open letter

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In communities, schools and families across Ireland, children and young people are growing up undocumented.

For these children and young people, Ireland is home - the home they know and love.

Just like everyone else, they have hopes, dreams and ambitions. They've grown up here, they live here, and they belong here.

But right now there is no pathway to residency for undocumented children and young people, whether they were born here or came here with their parents.

This is an enormous waste of talent and a loss of great potential. These children and young people are valuable and have a valuable contribution to make, but uncertainty and fear will stop them from thriving and being the best they can be.

The government has the power to bring about a solution and provide a pathway to residency. All they need to do is introduce a straightforward and sensible mechanism that ensures no child or young person grows up undocumented in Ireland. These children and young people are our future, and their future is here.

Please sign the open letter now. Thank you.