Migration in Ireland

Conference inputs from Undocumented in Ireland: The Moral and Economic Rationale for Regularisation

On Tuesday May 3rd 2016, MRCI and the JFU campaign hosted a conference, Undocumented in Ireland: the moral and economic rationale for regularisation, in the Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin. This conference offered a vital and timely exploration of the need for a regularisation scheme for undocumented migrants in Ireland. Two excellent panels explored firstly the moral rationale from the perspective of children and young people growing up undocumented in Ireland and secondly the economic rationale for regularisation. The conference included the launch of findings from new research carried out with over 1000 undocumented migrants and a spoken word performance by Young, Paperless and Powerful, a group of undocumented young people. See our conference programme here. 

Inputs and speakers included:

Tanya Ward, Children's Rights Alliance: a children's rights perspective

Prof Ian Gordon, London School of Economics: impact of regularisation on the London and UK economy

Mark Fielding, ISME: an employer perspective on regularisation

Pablo Rojas Coppari, MRCI: 2016 research and regularisation proposal 

Paul Gilligan, St Patrick's Mental Health Services: the emotional health of undocumented children