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Immigration & Employment: Tips & Guidelines

Young People

Guide to Applying for Citizenship 18-23 yr olds (pdf)

Children of Non-EU Migrants – Applying for Citizenship and Third-Level Education in Ireland

Employment Rights Information

Workplace Rights 2012 (pdf)


Immigration Status (pdf)

Employment Permits

Information on new Employment Permit (Amendment) Act 2014 (Word)

Information on new Employment Permits (Amendment) Act 2014 (pdf)


Know Your Rights: Racism (pdf)

Homeless Services

Homeless Services Contact Details (pdf)

Useful Links PDF

Information Providers (pdf)

Social Welfare

Social Welfare Information (pdf)

Join a Union

Joining a union strengthens rights and protections for you and all workers. If you’re not sure which union represents you, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions can help – just click below!

Which union and how to join (ICTU)