Migrant Rights Centre Ireland is a national organisation working to promote justice, empowerment and equality for migrants and their families

For ten years, MRCI has taken a stand with migrants to tackle the root causes of inequality. We use a community work approach with a focus on participation, leadership and empowerment, and have a strong track record in securing policy changes - including the criminalisation of forced labour, the Bridging Visa for undocumented migrants, reversal of work permit changes, protections for domestic & agriculture workers, and reversing the minimum wage cut.

MRCI operates a Resource Centre and has a national remit. Current priorities include rights for undocumented migrants; identification and protection of victims of trafficking for forced labour; employment rights and protections for vulnerable workers in hidden or precarious sectors, including migrants in diplomatic households, au pairs, carers, domestic workers, and restaurant workers; ethnic profiling and access to education.


MRCI approach to achieving change

MRCI works from a particular understanding and analysis of the challenges facing migrants and the solutions required to best effect social change so that they can live as equal members of Irish society. This analysis is guided by an equality and social justice framework that situates community work as the foundation to its approach to social change.

A community work approach involves creating the conditions for the participation and empowerment of communities/groups affected by inequality to take collective action for social change. It involves promotion and support of migrant worker participation in policy and decision-making arenas, including advocacy and campaign efforts. In addition, it seeks to support collectivisation (e.g. Action Groups such as Domestic Workers) and the development of migrant leaders.

MRCI is a non-governmental organisation and a registered charity. Company registration number: 370816. Charity Number: CHY17071

This work would not be possible without the assistance of our funders.