JFU members (that means you!!) show ministers the importance of the promised regularisation scheme by emailing them with a message of welcome and a powerful statement of what regularisation means to you personally.


Step 1: You write a short email for both ministers that:

a. Congratulates them on their new position AND thank them for their commitment to regularise undocumented people
b. Asks them to introduce an inclusive regularisation scheme urgently
c. Tells them in your own words what regularisation would mean to you
• I can live safely and securely in my home
• I can get a better job where I don’t have to work such long hours
• I can report a crime if it happens and safely access healthcare

Step 2: Send the email to the 2 new Ministers, here are their names and addresses:

• Helen McEntee: Minister for Justice helen.mcentee@oir.ie
• Roderic O’ Gorman: Minister for Children, Disability, Equality and Integration roderic.ogorman@greenparty.ie

Step 3: Let JFU know once your emails are sent by sending us a quick whatsapp message or facebook comment e.g. ‘my emails are sent’


All emails must be sent between Friday 3rd and Monday 6th July

SAFETY: It is very important for everyone to stay safe while taking this action.

Please take the following precautions when emailing the ministers:
• Only use your first name or change your name
• If your email reveals your whole name please create a new email address
• Don’t reveal any personal details like your address




If you have any questions about this action please email jfu@mrci.ie.