Publications - 2012

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Who Cares? The Experience of Migrant Care Workers in Ireland

Introduction The purpose of this paper is to document a needs analysis conducted by MRCI of the situation of migrant care workers undertaking care work with older persons in the private homes and in private residential care settings. Over the last decade
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Part of the Family? Experiences of Au Pairs in Ireland

Au pairing in Ireland is a thriving industry. A quick Internet search of the word ‘Au Pair’ produces countless options of websites offering au pair services. Despite the growing numbers of families using au pairs, accurate data on au pairing
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Situating Migrant Workers in a Decent Work Agenda: The Need for Solidarity in Recession Ireland

This paper was developed by Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) to input in to the roundtable on Migration and Decent Work organised by MRCI in collaboration with the Coalition to Protect the Lowest Paid on October 2012.1 It aims to
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Decent Work for Migrant Workers: Rights and Justice in a Globalised World Order: Crisis, Migration & Precarious Work

By Patrick Taran, Global Migration Policy Associates “Decent work for migrant workers in the current labour market” I paint a picture of what’s going on and what’s at stake in the intersection of migration– which is essentially labour mobility– globalization
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