Publications - 2009

  • Challenging Myths and Misinformation about Migrant workers

Challenging Myths and Misinformation About Migrant Workers

What do you know about migrant workers and their families living in Ireland? Are you sure you have all the facts? This leaflet is designed to give clear information about migrant workers and their families. This leaflet is published by the National Consultative Committee on Racism
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Recommendations to the New Immigration Regime for Full Time Non- EEA Students, 19 October 2009

1. Time limits should be interpreted in a flexible manner 2. The proposals should include a mechanism to regularize the current undocumented students 3. Interim and transitional provisions should accommodate all students in language courses 4. Students work concession to
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  • Facts about Migrant workers

Facts about Migrant Workers in Ireland

Throughout history, migration has been accompanied by fears and negative myths and misinformation about newcomers.  Many people do not have access to clear, accurate information about migrant workers. When left unchallenged, misinformation leads to prejudice, racism, discrimination and inequality. This
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