Publications - 2006

  • Harvesting Justice: Mushroom Workers Call for Change

Harvesting Justice

Mushroom Workers Call for Change Summary The Irish Mushroom Growing industry has been hailed as a major success story in Irish Agriculture. From its beginnings in the late 1970s the industry has become the most important crop grown in Ireland and according
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Realising Integration

Creating the Conditions for the Economic Social Political and Cultural Inclusion of Migrant Workers and their Families in Ireland General Introduction Integration is a term that has become both popular and controversial in recent times. On the one hand, it is
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  • Trafficking; Forced Labour; Slave Labour;

No Way Forward, No Going Back

Identifying the problem of trafficking for forced labour in Ireland  Introduction International awareness of the problem of human trafficking has increased, and many reports highlight that it is a growing criminal industry that exploits people and violates basic human rights on a
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  • Migrant Workers; Family; Intergration

An exploration of local strategies for the integration of migrant workers and their families

Introduction Migrant workers and their families have formed the largest single group of new residents in Ireland over the last five years. In recognition of the range of issues confronting migrant workers and their families, in 2005 the Dublin Employment Pact, Pobal and the
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