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Atypical Working Scheme: Step-By-Step Guide for Fishermen


Are you an undocumented migrant working as a fisherman in Ireland? You can apply for the NEW Atypical Working Scheme to get your papers.

If you are a Non-EEA fisherman working as a crew member on licenced and registered fishing vessels, you can apply for the Atypical Working Scheme.

July 1st is the deadline for applications from fishermen already in Ireland. You should apply as soon as possible.

These simple steps will help you to apply:

  • You must have an employer (the holder of a sea-fishing boat licence in Ireland) to support this application.
  • You must have a written contract of employment for a duration of 12 months. The contract must be signed by you and the employer.
  • A sample contract is available at – you and your employer can base your contract on this.
  • The terms and conditions of the contract must be certified by a practicing solicitor.
  • The signed and certified contract must be lodged with the Central Depository (CD) at the National Seafood Centre, Clonakilty, Co Cork.
  • You will be given a unique identifying number by the CD. You must state this number on the Atypical Working Scheme application form.
  • When the above steps have been completed, you can download the Atypical Working Scheme application form here
  • Complete the Atypical Working Scheme application form carefully. This application form must be signed by you, the applicant, or by the Authorised Legal Representative. If you choose for this form to be signed by the Authorised Legal Representative, you must submit a Letter of Authority from the representative.
  • You will need to include the following documents with the application form:
    • Copy of Certified Contract of Employment
    • Copy of letter from the CD stating your unique identifying number
    • Copy of biographical page of your (the applicant’s) passport
    • Application fee of €250 made either by Postal Order, Bank Draft or Company Cheque
  • Submit the fully prepared application form with the supporting documents by registered post to:

Atypical Working Scheme Division

Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

13/14 Burgh Quay

Dublin 2

  • Note that it could take at least 10 working days for your application to be processed.
  • You will be sent a Letter of Approval by post, if your application is successful.
  • You must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau after you are issued with the Letter of Approval. The registration fee is €300.

We are here to help and our services are free. Get in touch:


Phone: 01 8897570 (ask for Sancha o Gráinne)

In person: 37 Dame Street, Dublin 2

لتقديم ، أتبع الخطوات التالية:

  • تحتاج صاحب عمل لدعم طلبك
  • يجب أن يكون لديك عقد عمل موقع من صاحب العمل ومقدم الطلب. أستمارة عقد العمل متوفرة في الموقع الالكتروني
  • عقد العمل يجب أن يعتمد من قبل محامي. وهذا في الغالب غير مكلف مالياً
  • يجب تقديم العقد الى المستودع المركزي (CD) للقوارب الصيد البحري في المركز الوطني للمأكولات البحرية، كلوناكيلتي، كورك. وسوف تحصل على رقم تعريف خاص بك.
  • يجب أن لمقدم الطلب تأمين صحي.
  • تعبئة أستمارة الطلب المتوفرة في الموقع الألكتروني:
  • أرسال:
    • أستمارة الطلب موقع من صاحب الشأن
    • نسخة من عقد العمل
    • نسخة من رسالة  المستودع المركزي (CD) للقوارب الصيد البحري في المركز الوطني للمأكولات البحرية مع الرقم التعريفي
    • نسخة من صفحة البيانات الشخصية من جواز السفر
    • دفع رسوم (250) يورو عن طريق Postal order أو Bank Draft
  • الى : Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2


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