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Young, Paperless and Powerful!

Young, Paperless & Powerful

Young, Paperless & Powerful

Do you work with young migrants aged between 16 - 21 born outside of Europe?

We are reaching out to youth workers to help spread the word about this new youth project.  YPP is for young people aged 16 to 21 who came to Ireland from outside Europe with their parents before they turned 18 and who do not have ‘legal’ permission or papers to live in Ireland. If you know anyone who might be interested please pass on the attached flyer. If you would like flyers sent to your project or more information contact Dearbhla at or on 083 3517956. Parents and young people can contact Dearbhla confidentially on the same number.

Who are we?

The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI) is a national organisation working forjusticeempowerment & equality for migrant workers and their families. MRCI’s has been working with undocumented families for over 14 years. See for more info about our work

Over the last five years MRCI has worked with undocumented people to campaign for change in asking the Government to introduce a regularisation, an opportunity for people to get back into the system, similar to the one being pursued in the U.S. for Irish undocumented people.

Being undocumented means people are living in fear of deportation, have little access to essential services and are at greater risk of exclusion and workplace exploitation. People are separated from their families and loved ones in the home country causing heartache and stress.

What’s the project?

Children born to undocumented parents, along with those who came with their parents at a young age and grew up in Ireland face very uncertain futures. Undocumented young people consider Ireland their home, yet have no right to residency or citizenship and are in a legal limbo upon leaving secondary school and attempting to get a job or access further education. We know this is hard on the mental health and well-being of young people growing up with this burden and a general feeling of hopelessness about the future. Young, Paperless and Powerful is creative project for young people. We will use art, film and fun to tell it as it is growing up without papers in Ireland. Art allows us to tell stories in safe confidential ways. These are stories that need to be heard. Right now young people are engaged in a Spoken Word project which will be launched later this summer.